Donna Martin

I was still stuck emotionally in my first love relationship that ended in a divorce, decades after it ended. Abigail, helped me get past it and release it. She's assisted in moving me to a higher, more peaceful place. Her skill and communication has helped me clear confusion and helped me grow. I will always use Abigail’s services when I need clarity and support.

Raya IoffeDigestive Health Coach & Soccer Mom 

I was having a hard time speaking up for myself and afraid that once I opened the doors as to why the emotions would overwhelm me. Instead, I felt grounded, focused and ready to speak up. Being in the health field myself, I am quite particular about choosing people to work with. Abigail satisfies my needs in that she is one of THE most heart-centered practitioners I have ever met and, at the same time, she has the breadth and depth of knowledge few possess. Working with Abigail is magical and healing. Just being in her presence is powerful medicine.

Jasmine NicholsAmazing Woman & Mom

Severe Panic attacks exploded into my life on a daily basis when I was 19 years old. One of the symptoms, called Globus Hystericus, delivered a terrifying sensation that felt as if my throat was closing and I might suffocate. Conventional therapies didn't help. I read that one of the many tools Abigail uses, "PSYCH-K" can help identify the emotional patterns that create dis-ease and stress. I was a little afraid because I knew a lot of hidden truths would have to surface in my healing sessions.

My favorite part of working with Abigail was the atmosphere of overwhelming love and acceptance while I was releasing the locked in emotions/beliefs from my subconscious. I felt safe to accept these difficult feelings with her support and quickly shifted them into a place of inner peace. For anyone dealing with painful emotions and anxiety, working with Abigail will help you begin healing. You’ll walk out of each session feeling lighter and with a tool bag of energy medicine tricks and meditations that will help you in your daily life.

Carol Lovelee MAEnergy Therapist, Author, Teacher

When my Aunt died suddenly, I was in shock and not able to think clearly. I was worried that I was too rattled to be present for my family. My work with Abigail helped me to let go of having to do... do... do... and allowed me to shift and relax back into myself. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Abigail over a long period and I’m always in awe of the depth of her knowledge, abilities and the unique playfulness of each healing session.

Laurie Harran ScalzoRetired Clinical Laboratory Technician 

I was a slave to fibromyalgia, out of shape, overweight and knew there were underlying stresses contributing to all of it. Before working with Abigail, I was afraid that revealing my feelings would leave me feeling exposed, embarrassed, and criticized. Or worse, I'd spiral out of control to a place I couldn’t come back from. Instead, I was accepted and cared for in a sensitive manner. I felt nurtured and able to relax. She helped me to fall in love with myself again! After working with her, I was able to “self-start” healthier eating and began swimming again. I’ve lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks and felt happier. The sole focus of my sessions was ME! This was the best gift I could have given myself. You’ll love working with Abigail. She’s caring, loving and obviously loves helping others raise their vibration.

Erin SikopoulosLicensed Massage Therapist & Mom

My three-year-old son, Constantine was suddenly suffering from asthma. I was frantic to help him breathe freely. After each healing session with Abigail, his breathing got easier and easier. I loved how she made the sessions fun for him. She's an intuitive healer with a kind, gentle spirit that makes it feel safe to explore the emotional aspects of healing.

Zelda HotalingDream Circle Project Creator

I knew working with Abigail would help me identify the underlying reasons for my stress. I felt safe and supported to discover the deeper parts of myself I didn’t even know were there. As I was laying there, I felt myself move from resistance to feeling open and free. I now have clarity on why things were happening and can take responsibility to change my patterns. Abigail’s ability to muscle test what’s going on with the energy of my organs and reboot the energy systems brings healing to the body.

Catherine NicholsPolarity Therapist

As I have traveled the world, being a transformational healer myself, I am always blessed to be in session with Abigail Thurston. She is devoted to our calling. A therapist knowledgeable in a plethora of modalities and knows how to use each and every technique. I encourage all in the northeast to seek her talents. 

Nancy KendallSpiritual Healer & Life Coach

I believe that I’m here in this life to learn and grow through the experience of emotion. And I’ve had some doozies of emotional experiences to learn from! When I learned that Abigail uses Kinesiology (aka muscle testing) for subconscious emotional release work: I couldn’t wait to work with her. After my sessions, I’d feel a shift to a fresh mindset and my feelings toward myself were kinder. I’d simply be in a better place. I’ve gained insight, and new understanding about my patterns and I find myself being able to move forward with enthusiasm. If you need help getting to the bottom of your blocks to dissolve them, you’ll love working with Abigail.

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