Infinite Love and Gratitude

I dreamt I was dying... and a gratitude healing practice for you.

A dream can leave you feeling shaken up, cross and deeply unsettled for days OR it can leave your soul soaring with joy.

Twenty years ago, this dream held a message for me. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Important communications from our subconscious often leave a strong imprint like this.

I didn’t understand what this dream meant at the time. It took me another whole decade to begin to decipher the meaning of the message.

I was very sick and living with daily migraines, that flowed with lava-like pain over my head, causing my tummy to roll with nausea, light sensitivity, sound intolerance, and restricted movement. The odd thing is that despite being horribly, sick and dreaming I was dying; I awoke from this dream feeling absolutely buoyant.

Here’s what I dreamt.

I was very near death. I was in a hospital and too weak to hold a pen. I needed help to take care of my most basic needs. My hospital bed supported me in a slightly upright position. I felt this huge geyser of gratitude swell up within my heart. Not what you expected for a near death dream, right?

A candy striper, wearing pink and white seersucker and a white cotton turtle neck with the collar up, was helping me to write letters to everyone I ever knew by being my secretary. I’d dictate what I loved and appreciated about each person and she would write it down for me in a short letter I'd have her mail for me. Person after person, I thought of in my dream state brought forth memories of kindness, love, compassion, and the gifts of how they expressed themselves individually.

I awoke from my dream with a heart so full of love and appreciation, that I didn’t want the dream to end. I tried to reignite my dream state by writing more letters in my mind with the quilt tucked up under my chin at home. I was in awe of the feeling of gratitude that had awoken within me. I had never felt anything like this gratitude despite using the words, “Thank you” on a daily basis and having learned that thanksgiving was an important part of prayer.

Gratitude Healing

A couple of years later, I watched Oprah interview, Sarah Van Breathnach about her book, “The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude.” For a flash of a moment, I remembered my dream where I expressed my gratitude and how uplifting it felt for my soul. 

Fast-forward a few years, as I begin to take responsibility for my health by making savvy holistic changes.

New books were catching my awareness that were helping my soul to grow. Books like… “Messages from Water” by Masaro Emoto. OMG! There were pictures of how “Love and Gratitude” can create beautiful snowflakes from water that is frozen. I was smitten with the idea immediately. The same week as reading “Messages from Water” I learned that we can purposely transmit energy through our hands or a tool for healing, (think Reiki and innumerable other healing modalities). My mind was blown open with the possibilities.

At this point, I was working part time in a chiropractors office as an assistant. Each Wednesday afternoon at two o’clock, a woman came in that was in a great deal of physical and emotional pain. She would pull a small folded piece of paper out of her pocket and read all the times her back had hurt her since her last appointment and exactly what she was doing when it caused her pain. “When I reached to the second shelf to get dinner plates, it hurt here,” holding her shoulder… She was requesting help.

Each week, the Dr. would have me do ten minutes of ultrasound on her back. This week was different. I thought, "what if I sent Love and Gratitude energy to this woman through the ultra sound wand?"

So, I began, awkwardly, and silently to thank her for providing me with job security by coming in for an appointment every week. I thanked her for expressing where her back was hurting so I could help her... I struggled but managed to continue to send love to her soul to support her in getting pain relief.

After about a minute, she gasped, “Ahhhhhh.”

Being a newby at the “Love and Gratitude” energy transmission thing and lacking confidence, I thought I might have hurt her. I asked, “Are you ok?”

She explained, “It feels so good this week.”

My heart opened wide open and I continued to silently send her “Love and Gratitude.”

A couple years later, I learned about a healing modality that uses the words, “Infinite Love and Gratitude” for healing. I was immediately intrigued and spent the next few months traveling to Chicago to become certified in the LifeLine Technique. (You can view my professional certifications here.)

This cemented in the meaning of my dream all those years before. Love and Gratitude heals and uplifts.

Gratitude Healing

These days, every boo-boo in my body or my soul gets treated with the simple words, “Infinite Love and Gratitude” while sending this high vibrational energy through my hands to the affected area where I’m feeling the emotion or pain in my body.

Every client session, for the last dozen years has me return to the feeling of gratitude from my dream and that recurred in the chiropractic clinic, when the patient in pain brought me to open my heart with an outpouring of “Love and Gratitude.”

I love getting feedback from my clients that they can feel the energy of “Infinite Love and Gratitude” during their sessions with me. I teach each client to begin using these words in their daily life to treat themselves when they experience “ouchies” that are either physical or emotional.

“Love and Gratitude” has taught me such a powerful life lesson, starting with a dream where I was dying. These days, I practice “love and gratitude” exercises to raise my vibration regularly.

Here’s a fun way for you to start a "Gratitude Healing Practice" 

Focus your energy of “love and gratitude” into notes. If you wish, use pretty paper and brightly colored markers. Store your notes and lists in a clear jar, so you can see the Love and Gratitude accumulate in your life. I call this my “Feel Good Jar.”

In the comments below, tell me one way you practice “Love and/or Gratitude” in your life.

Gratitude Healing


Abigail is the creator of the "Empath Energy Experiment" and the founder of Savvy Holistic Woman. Abigail's soul delights in providing energetic healing support to women who've been over a few speed bumps in their life but bravely continue with a positive attitude. When Abigail is relaxing, she enjoys perennial flower gardening in upstate New York, snuggling with her kitties, yoga, and a good book.