Holding on to 'Let It Go.'

Have you ever been in the place of, 'Yup, I have this life lesson down? I've graduated. I'm moving on.' And then have 'the life lesson' you thought you could ace while blindfolded show up in your life again, to test and mock you.

Yeah, me too. More practice needed on this life lesson. πŸ˜‰

Family, old emotional wounds of grief, anger and a lack of self-worth are famous for waking up the hibernating parts of you up that you thought were healed, but still needing loving attention.

I'm practicing at life. You're practicing. It's all ok. Let the self-judgement go. Or as the bumper sticker says, "Life is the school. Love is the lesson."

Laugh at yourself if you can. Finding humor in your foibles can make you feel better. And sometimes... you need more than a chuckle to get over it and be able to love yourself.

If you need to process your tornado of whirling emotions, here's an easy energy exercise to help you 'let it go' faster.


1. Pick a problem you'd like to heal and grow through. Focus on your target problem/memory/future stress while following the below steps.

2. Gently hold one finger of either hand with your other hand for 3-5 minutes or until you feel a release. I usually start with my thumb and then move on to my other fingers, one at a time.

3. It's important to allow yourself to think and feel without judgement about your target problem. Sometimes we try to avoid the pain. In this case, feeling your feelings is your best tool for healing. Your emotional angst will be temporary.

4. Keep breathing and gently hold your fingers one at a time.

5. There may be a lesson or an action step you need to take. Trust yourself to know when and how to take action after you release your fingers.

6. Your release... may be a pleasant shift in your feelings, a pulsing in your finger, a peace that washes over your heart, a lifting of weight off your body, a deepening of your breath... It may be unique to you, but it will likely feel good.

Each finger hold has specific emotions it can help you process and release. (I usually hold all my fingers in turn, for a broader balance.) 

This is a great energy exercise to use at the close of your day, around anything that awakened unpleasant feelings during your day.

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If you feel this energy exercise brings you relief, tell me about it in the comments below.


Abigail is the creator of the "Empath Energy Experiment" and the founder of Savvy Holistic Woman. Abigail's soul delights in providing energetic healing support to women who've been over a few speed bumps in their life but bravely continue with a positive attitude. When Abigail is relaxing, she enjoys perennial flower gardening in upstate New York, snuggling with her kitties, yoga, and a good book.

  • Nicole Marie Mastroianni says:

    This technique worked immediately. Thank you so much for this reminder!

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