Beat the HEAT

Beat the HEAT! It's HOT outside! 

If you're suffering because it's HOT outside... or you're running a fever... or you're melting down with hot flashes... or you run too HOT for comfort... the 3 fast and easy videos below will help you turn your body heat down with acupressure.

As is always true... energy medicine done once can provide relief and occasionally can have a one-and-done healing effect. I love it when this happens. It's all rainbows, unicorns, and sunbursts.

More often, repetition is needed to retrain your energy systems to behave in a healthy way. If feeling 'too hot for comfort' is a new experience to you, this will likely be easier to balance than if this has been going on continuously for months or years.

Here's the important part. So, listen up. If you're using these acupressure techniques regularly and consistently, but not making progress, there's a reason they're not working. Your body may be fighting off a subclinical pathogen. There may be subconscious emotions you need help discovering and dissolving that are making you 'hot under the collar.' You may have an allergen causing a traffic jam in your natural flow of energy. Or your body may be stuck in an autoimmune crisis.

These are the same techniques I use with my clients and teach them to repeat them often at home.

Enjoy and stay cool!

Beat the HEAT, Video 1 of 3

1 minute 13 seconds​

Turn down your inner thermostat, with acupressure for your hypothalamus.  

Beat the HEAT, Video 2 of 3

2 minutes 14 seconds​

Turn down your temperature by sedating Triple Warmer acupuncture meridian with your hands.

​Beat the HEAT, Video 3

4 minutes, 5 seconds​

The swiss army knife of acupressure points & tips to help you retrain your energy systems.

I'd love to hear what you notice as you try these acupressure tips. Tell me if you noticed cooling relief with your first time using these techniques or if you needed to use them regularly to retrain your energy systems for your healing and comfort?


Abigail is the creator of the "Empath Energy Experiment" and the founder of Savvy Holistic Woman. Abigail's soul delights in providing energetic healing support to women who've been over a few speed bumps in their life but bravely continue with a positive attitude. When Abigail is relaxing, she enjoys perennial flower gardening in upstate New York, snuggling with her kitties, yoga, and a good book.