Empaths & Sensitive Souls Feel Deeply


As an empath, you give your love freely.

Feeling loved and giving love can make your heart swell with joy and your eyes sparkle.

However, when you're feeling other peoples emotions in addition to your own it can feel very heavy. You may feel their fear, anger, shame, depression or despair in addition to their joy, peace, confidence and love.

It's possible; you've been accidentally absorbing people's, emotional energy your whole life.  

If you give your attention without boundaries, people's "stuff" can stick to you for a very... long... time and can make you feel tired, anxious, or distrusting.

I can help you repair where the leaks are in your energy to relieve anxiety caused by feeling other people's "stuff."

As you begin to learn how to create healthy energetic boundaries, you may also discover some of your own, subconscious emotional baggage that you're ready to release using energy-based techniques.

I'm Abigail. I'm here to help you feel lighter, happier, healthier, and stronger with powerfully-gentle healing support.
Are you ready? You're going to love how you feel as you energize your empathic gift. Let's get started!

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Body-based therapy for emotions
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Body-based therapy for emotions

Abigail's Story of Healing
Abigail Thurston, Empath, Kinesiologist,
Energy-Based healing Support

The most caring and skilled practitioners often come from a story of personal struggle.

Abigail laughs as she gazes upward and says, "As an empath, the challenges and rewards can be great. I believe we've chosen challenges to nudge our soul to grow before we arrive here." She explains,“I signed up for the advanced courses in multiple life struggles, including health challenges, advanced family dysfunction, and spiritual toxicity."

Can you imagine emerging from adversity, trauma, poverty, a restrictive religion and debilitating health challenges, with a renewed sense of purpose and even happiness?

Abigail Thurston has found the hidden gems buried within these challenges and now uses this knowledge for the benefit of herself and her clients.

She speaks openly about her struggles because she wants others to know that what they're feeling is ok, normal, and part of being human. All the while Abigail offers hope and healing support. Abigail also wants people to take this in… healing is possible.

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What is Healing support for empaths & sensitive souls?

You can reprogram your hormones and nervous system for love, joy, and peace. New, positive, programs can override old, negative, subconscious programs that have been running automatically for you, whether they are your own programs or someone elses.

Energy-Based healing support for empaths & emotions uses muscle testing (kinesiology), energy medicine (energy work), bodywork, and intuition to support your healing.

Powerfully-gentle and loving corrections are made to shift perceptions at the subconscious level. In your sessions, we'll tap into the benefits of ancient healing wisdom, modern science, and your six senses to aid in creating greater health and happiness.

You'll go home with easy tools to use in your life every day to help you get and stay in balance.


Body-Based Therapy for Emotions

If you need help getting to the bottom of your blocks to dissolve them, you’ll love working with Abigail."

Nancy Kendall -       Life Coach

Body-Based Therapy for Emotions

For anyone dealing with painful emotions and anxiety, working with Abigail will help you begin healing. You’ll walk out of each session feeling lighter and with a tool bag of energy medicine tricks and meditations that will help you in your daily life." 

Jasmine nichols - Amazing Woman & Mom

Body-Based Therapy for Emotions

Her skill and communication has helped me clear confusion and helped me grow. I will always use Abigail’s services when I need clarity and support."

Donna Martin -       Reiki Master


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Enroll in The Empath Energy Experiment, eCourse for Free!


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